DC Bounce Houses

Don't you wish, for your next party, that you could just lock your children inside a four-sided structure, provide them with minimal supervision, and somehow still allow them to have fun in the process? Well, lucky for you, you can! At your next birthday party, graduation party, company picnic, or indeed any event where children will be present, consider renting a Bounce House. A Bounce House is a fun, engaging, physical, and most-importantly, safe way to entertain your children and the rest of the children at your event without allowing them to wreak havoc unto the rest of your event's guests, and thus ruining the entire experience for them.

A Bounce House is a large, inflatable structure with four mesh walls and (usually) a roof where children can go to bounce around without fear of falling to the hard ground outside. They come in a wide variation of sizes, designs, and facilities. A typical bounce house can run from between 13 feet long by 13 feet wide with a capacity of about 8 children, to about 25 feet long by 20 feet wide with a capacity of about 12-15 children, and bigger! The design options available to you are seemingly endless. There's the traditional castle theme for princess or Knight-themed parties, as well as a wild west theme, a space station theme, a jungle theme; as well as the ability to get a bounce house decorated in famous licensed shows and movies such as Toy Story, Disney Princesses, The Avengers, and even the Minions from 'Despicable Me." Bounce Houses can also have a multitude of add-on features such as a slide replacing one of the walls, a ball pit, seperate and connecting bounce houses, as well as water features like a slip and slide! Tack on the criminally affordable price tag of Bounce Houses and you have yourself a new tradition for all events that you throw!

Renting a bounce house is affordable and fun, but there are a few things that you must take into account when renting a bounce house. First of all, when looking for an entertainment service to rent a bounce house from, make sure to check their reviews and testimonials. If there are no testimonials on their website, or if you can't find any reviews for their service online, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is not a quality service, but it certainly doesn't speak to their favor. Also, when renting your bounce house, and when you have received the supplies, make sure that you have everything additional that you need, including a patch kit, an air pump, a tarp, and stakes. The last thing you need is for the bounce house to start to lose air or for it to blow away in high winds, and then you've wasted your money, your time, and you need to find something new for all of these children to do. So, above all, make sure that you are prepared.