DC Children's Photographers

Let's face it, our memories are fading--and fading fast. At one moment we're sitting back, eating some oatmeal, and watching reruns of Days of Our Hospital, or whatever, and then the next, we're staring blankly at the wall, completely oblivious to the hot mush that has spilled onto our laps and the drama happening on our television sets. We can't even remember to go to the Doctor's to get our blood pressure checked, and we're still (relatively) young. So what chance do we have to remember our children's young faces by the time they've graduated and moved out of the house. What hope do we have to recall what they looked like last week, let alone what they looked like when they were but young children? Spoiler alert: there is no hope. Your best bet is to completely erase your children from your mind, dye your hair, and move to a new city where you start to draw caricatures of passer-bys for fifty cents a portrait. Either that, or you can hire a professional child's photographer while your children are still young so instead of staring at a blank wall during your oblivious stupor, you can stare at a beautiful portrait of your children, thus being reminded that they not only exist, but how cute they used to be. This can equally be used as a grounding technique to maintain your sanity and fleeting memory, but also as a fantastic conversation-starter, incidentally. By hiring a professional child's photographer you can be safe in the knowledge that you will at least always have that beautiful picture to remember your children by.

After hiring a professional child's photographer, you must decide what kind of photoshoot you want to have. You could have a photo shoot in the photographer's studio, where you can decide from a multitude of themes, sets, backdrops and props. You could, for example, have a classic with a light blue background with soft, white carpet underneath, or you could go for an all-out Red, White, & Blue theme where your child is dressed up like their favorite 19th-century President (mine is Ulysses S. Grant.) You could also take the photoshoot out of the studio and go around to the Washington D.C. area's landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building, or Virginia's The Liberty Bell. All of these are great locations for photoshoots, so you can not only remember your children, but also your nation's history, and we honestly can't decide which is more important, so that's up for you to decide for yourselves. Alternatively, child's photographers can also be hired to document and archive events such as birthday parties, family reunions, and graduations, so you can enjoy these events and not be bothered with viewing them through the lens of a camera.

Hiring a child's photographers is vital if you want to spend your life with the memory of your children fresh in your mind, rather than soaring away like an insignificant plastic bag that you carelessly let slip out of your pocket while on a walk with your dog--and now you have nothing to clean up their excrement...boy, your memory really is terrible.