DC Clowns

Finding a good form of party entertainment can be quite a daunting task, to say the least. It seems extremely difficult to predict what everyone at the party will find entertaining and engaging. Throw in a wide age range and different backgrounds into the equation and you've got yourself a duty that seems downright impossible. You need to find yourself a form of entertainment that's engaging, appeals to all age groups, types of people, and types of humor. By hiring a clown you can squash all of your concerns by making sure that everyone at your party has a great time. The following article is intended to describe to you the benefits of hiring a clown for your party or event, and also includes tips on hiring the right clown for your purposes.

A good clown is a versatile and professional performer who will bring a certain level of excitement and entertainment to any party that you hire them for. They are capable of performing for children's parties, family reunions, corporate events, company picnics, school field days, and so on. Clowns have a multitude of different skills and abilities including magic tricks, juggling, balloon twisting, face painting, and, of course, self-deprecating slapstick comedy. This wide array of tricks and abilities is enough to make a thirty-minute performance seem not nearly long enough, and will make your audience begging for an encore! A clown is a great way to get your audience pumped up, excited, and social during the remainder of the event.

There are few things that you need to know before hiring a clown, though. Anyone can put on a ridiculous wig, a red nose, and oversized shoes and call themselves a clown. This is why it is important to do research into the clown that you plan on hiring. First, you should make a list of clowns in your area that you've gathered by scouring through notebooks and the internet, as well as recommendations from friends and family who have hired clowns in the past. Once you have compiled your list, start making phone calls to the clowns on your list and describe your event to them. See what kind of a performance they can bring to your event--a rule of thumb, the more a clown can do, and the more variety in their act, the better they probably are. It is also a good idea to interview the clowns you are interested in face-to-face, so you can be sure that they are professional and worth hiring for your event, so you aren't left embarrassed with a terrible entertainer at your party, because this can lead to the entire event falling apart at the seams. Once your event is over, make sure to leave a review of the clown online and if they've done a good job, request to be a reference for them so people looking for clowns in the future won't have to look as hard.