DC Face Painters

Are you trying to find a fun way to make your next party or event stand out among the rest? By hiring a professional face painter, you are sure to keep your guests engaged and entertained, while expressing themselves by getting a completely unique design of their favorite animal, creature, character, and so on! A professional face painter is a skilled artist that is trained in creating remarkable designs for people of all ages. They are a great addition to any party or event type such as a child's birthday party, a school field day, a company picnic, a graduation party, and on and on and on. Hiring a professional face painter is a fun, and often forgotten form of party entertainment that is sure to excite all of the guests for your upcoming event.

A professional face painter is not just an entertainer, but they are in fact an artist. It is all the difference between hiring a professional face painter and your brother who just picked up some face paints from the party store. A professional face painter has a multitude of designs in their repertoire, and can paint a face that will make the guests not want to ever wash the paint off of their face, whereas your brother's poor painting abilities will leave everyone sneaking off to the nearest bathroom, only to return with a clean face. Professional face painters are capable of painting designs such as one's favorite animal like an elephant, a tiger, a butterfly, a dog, etc. They are also capable of painting countless numbers of characters that your child loves. Even if the guest has a completely unique design in mind, say they want an undead version of Elmo or Nirvana's "Nevermind" album art painted on their face, as long as the face painter is permitted to look up a reference, they should have no problem making that dream become a reality! Another important aspect of hiring a professional is that they have liability insurance.

There are many different avenues you can go down to hire a professional face painter. There are services that exclusively offer face painting services, freelancing face painters, and painters provided through entertainment services. Each option has it's share of great painters, and also its share of mediocre painters who can hardly call themselves professionals. The safest bet is usually the face painting service that provides no other services, as these are usually the highest-grade of professionals, but not always, and they are usually the most expensive options. Painters provided through entertainment services are usually screened and tested before being hired, but they aren't always the most talented of the face painters. And with freelancers it can really be one way or another. Fortunately, the way to weed out the bad ones is the same pretty much all around. Make a list of the services you're interested by using phone books and websites. A good way to gauge how good a service is would be to check their website for examples of their work and their references. Make sure to meet with your face painter beforehand to test their professionalism.

Here are some great tips on questions to ask your potential face painters by Arla, one of the featured vendors below! "Remember to ask your professional face painter how many faces they can do per hour. One painter might be less expensive, but if they only do 10-12 faces per hour and you have 20 children, a more expensive face painter who can do all 20 in an hour might be less expensive overall. If the artist has insurance, you can usually know that they are a professional. If they don’t, they might be a mom looking for that extra bit of income. And they might not be properly trained as well. Another indicator of professionalism is how many years the person has been in business. Feel free to ask your artist. Also, in the DC area, ask whether they are doing full faces or just cheek art. It DOES make a difference. Full face painting can be seen from a distance and gives the child a sense of BEING something. Cheek art is just “there”. Most of the professional painters in the DC area have moved on to full-face painting rather than doing just cheek art. Many face artists in the DC area offer glitter tattoos and possibly balloons as well. Hire an expert and you are much more likely to be satisfied and have a great party that will be a memorable one for years to come."

A professional face painter is a remarkable way to entertain and engage the guests for your next party or event, and is certain to keep the party going!