DC Magicians

Are you tired of relying on a two-bit DJ or the dreaded motivational speaker to entertain your corporate event or party? Look no further than a professional magician! Magicians are fun, engaging, and versatile performers who are capable of performing at countless types of parties and events. If your event is lacking in entertainment and you are looking for someone to boost up the morale of your guests then a magician is probably a perfect fit for you. Magicians are capable of performing in a multitude of different venue types, whether it be in front of a large audience on a stage, in front of a small, personal audience, or a medium-sized audience seperated by tables, a magician would have no problem adapting to any new environment! By hiring a professional magician for your next event, your guests are sure to leave awe-stricken and satisfied.

A good magician comes with a multitude of different tricks and abilities. From the classics like card tricks and pulling the rabbit out of the hat, to levitation tricks and some tricks you've never even conceived of before! Depending on what venue you're in and the age range and formality of the event you're hosting, a magician can adapt his or her act. For example, if you have a corporate banquet where everyone is separated by tables, the magician can go from table to table and perform card and coin tricks--a good way to keep things entertaining but tame. Alternatively, if you are hosting a child's birthday party, the magician can perform on a makeshift stage in front of the whole party and focus on the birthday boy or girl as a centerpiece of the act.

In order to hire a good magician, you have two options available to you. You can hire a freelancing magician or you can hire a magician from an entertainment company. You might think that hiring a freelancing magician is more risky, considering any old Tom, Dick, or Harry can buy a "magic wand" and a set of cards from the dollar store and call themselves a magicians, but entertainment companies can be just as unreliable sometimes. You should do some research into whatever magician you're looking for. If they have a website check their references and testimonials, and check to see if they have any videos of their acts. This is usually a great indicator if the magician is any good or not. If looking for a magician through an entertainment agency, ask about the details of the magician's act. More often than not, you won't be speaking to the magician during the call to the agency, so the more the agency knows about the magician's performance, the more you can be sure about how the magician will be. It's also a good idea to meet with the magician beforehand so you can test how professional they are.

A magician is a fantastic way to entertain any party or event you might be throwing. By hiring a magician you are sure to have a smashing event, and you'll want to keep hiring them for your events.