DC Party Venues

Finding the right venue for your event can sometimes be a major hassle. Shouldn't it be easy finding the perfect place to hold your event, so you can move on to the actual planning portion? By following the tips described in this article, you will have no problem deciding on what kind of venue to hold your party in. By identifying your party type, your guest base, and your needs over your wants, you are sure to be successful in your venue-hunting.

First, you must consider what kind of party or event it is that you're throwing. Perhaps you are throwing an event that is best suited for a banquet hall, such as a high school extracurricular awards ceremony, a corporate dinner, or a wedding reception. Perhaps you're throwing a large get-together suited for a place in a public park or a large backyard like a family reunion, a graduation party, or a company picnic. Perhaps you're throwing a child's birthday party and would do well throwing your party at a Chuck E. Cheese's, a restaurant, a petting zoo, or an athletic center. Whatever the case, it is important to figure out what kind of event that you're throwing, and also what size you need. If you're throwing a small party, you don't want to have a venue that's too big or you'll be at risk of your party being too spread out and as a result, awkward and disjointed. If you're throwing an event with a lot of people in attendance and have a venue that's too small, you run the risk of the venue getting uncomfortable and your guests becoming claustrophobic, not to mention if the venue is indoors, then everyone could get too warm.

When considering which venue to select for your event, you must also consider what you need, and not so much what you want. For example, do you need a venue that will provide food like a restaurant and most banquet halls do; maybe you plan on having the event catered, or having a potluck-type dinner where guests contribute a dish to the meal? Should the layout of the venue be malleable to make room for dancing or award-distributions? What about audio-visual requirements? Does the venue provide microphones, speakers, projection equipment for music, speeches, and slideshows? If not, will they permit you to rent them from an exterior provider and bring them into the venue? These are all things that need to be researched and discussed from the venue representatives.

Finally, remember that communication is key. When planning the location for your venue, try and get the opinions of others involved in planning the party, or potential guests to gauge what others are interested in, or if you had forgotten something. It happens more often than any of us would like to admit.

Planning the location for your event can be tricky, but with the right organization and planning it can be made much easier. Remember, what kind of party are you throwing, who are your guests, and what are your needs? And remember to have fun!