DC Petting Zoos

There are few things that children like more than petting adorable animals. Especially if those adorable animals are ones that they have only ever seen in storybooks or in television shows. Petting Zoos are an affordable way to treat children, and indeed an individual of any age to a fun-filled afternoon of feeding, learning about, and petting all sorts of different adorable animals. But not only that, but petting zoos are a great idea for events such as children's birthday parties, school trips, family reunions, and more! By spending an afternoon at a petting zoo, you are guaranteed to raise your spirits, and the spirits of those who you bring with you.

There are all kinds of different petting zoos. The average petting zoo has the animals that you would expect them to have--piglets, goats, ducklings, chicks, cows, calves, sheep, and ponies that your children can ride (a dream come true!) However, many petting zoos have animals that you wouldn't expect to see in a barnyard, or anywhere else in America! Many petting zoos have an exotic animal section that can include animals like camels, emus, zebras, llamas, alpacas, snakes, lizards, parrots, peacocks, and so on. Every petting zoo is sure to have something you wouldn't expect, so make sure to ask about their special animals when contacting them about a trip.

Petting zoos also offer birthday and party packages to give further incentive to plan a trip there. Birthday packages can include a space to hold your party, including tables, chairs, utencils and plates, food, as well as food to feed the animals and about one to two hours of petting zoo time. There also exist packages for school trips and bigger parties, where you could rent out the entire venue, but these need to be planned and reserved well in advance so the staff can prepare the venue for your group.

If transporting your group to the petting zoo is too much work, however, many petting zoos also offer a package where they can bring the petting zoo to you. This can include a barnyard animal package, exotic animal package, a full zoo package, and even a pony-riding package! You can only imagine the look on a child's face when they see a pony walking around their backyard. By selecting which animals you would like there, how long you would like them, and in what capacity (just an education demonstration or full-on petting zoo), you can make any event one hundred percent more exciting. This is great for children's birthdays, school field days, and festivals.

Attending a petting zoo is a fun, unforgettable way to spend an afternoon, a child's birthday, a family reunion, or any event. Everybody loves petting adorable animals and learning about them in the meantime. It is a great way to build everyone's morale while educating them in the process.