Party Bus Washington DC Pricing Policies

For the fairest pricing on luxury and party bus transportation in the Washington D.C. area, you've certainly come to the right place. You might wonder, how can one company's pricing be fairer than another? Well, that has to do with how the pricing structures are laid out for the clientele. Our pricing is based on a fluctuating scale which varies based on our operating costs and expenses. So we're often able to lower our pricing to give our customers a great deal when our costs diminish. While yes, we are out to make a profit... we're not out to gouge our clientele. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible when doing business with us.

You might wonder what the determining factors are that most affect our costs... well, the primary factor might surprise you. Demand. When we are at our busiest, our costs are driven up due to several reasons. The occurrence of repairs is vastly increased, which increases the amount of time we have to pay for our fleet mechanics to be here and maintain our vehicles. Also, we are required to keep our porters and fleet detailers on hand for a greater duration which increases the cost of manpower and cleaning equipment. For these reasons and more, our high demand times necessitate the highest prices, unfortunately. Other factors include the cost of fuel, and materials cost for parts that repair our fleet. But, rest assured, when our costs are low, your cost will also be lower. Our reservation specialists can best advise you on the optimal times to get the best pricing based on these reasons.

When you do call for pricing, be sure to have the following information handy so that we can efficiently and accurately facilitate your request:

  • How many passengers you will be bringing along
  • The date you wish to make your reservation
  • Where your run will originate
  • How much time you'll need our service for

With this info, we'll be able to quickly accommodate your pricing request.